Ultrasonic Washing Machine, USB Portable Mini Ultrasonic Turbine Washing Machine, Multifunctional Disinfection and Sterilization Equipment for Travel and Children's Laundry

  • $29.99
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  • Sterilization Disinfect - With advanced ultrasound technology and small hole design,The unit activates the chlorine in the tap water you usedcan dissolve stain quickly for deep cleansing,and its sterilization capacity was 99.98 percent.
  • Ultrasonic & Turbine Cleaning - Turbine works for 5 minutes, automatic ultrasonic vibration clean for one minute, intelligent interaction.Automatic positive inversion. When the turbine is rotating for 15 seconds, it will automatically reverse for 15 seconds.
  • Lightweight & Portable - Travel washing machines can be placed in pockets or tote bags. Egg size design is easy to carry, ideal for students, travelers and business people.
  • USB Power - For USB power supply, the power is 6W, can carry 1KG laundry weight.
  • Perfect Gift - Mini barrel wall-mounted laundry machine is designed with a small body design, and the carefully-designed color texture will light your home decoration design, avoid bending over, care for your family, and care for your loved ones.
  • Plug not included in the package, work with 2A USB charger. (i.e iPad charger compatible )
  • Ship to USA 7-14 days.