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You’re in the woods and hear a sound. You look towards where it’s coming from. And you can tell there’s something or someone there, but they’re too far away to get a clear picture…

You squint hard, but no luck.

And then you remember… You’ve packed a pair of these binoculars in your backpack! 

With a magnification of 10x, you’re certain it’ll show you what’s making that sound. So you take it out and put them to your eyes. You look through the 25mm objective lens, and slightly adjust the middle and right focus. 

This is your first time using it, so you’re having a bit of trouble. And you can’t help but notice how great these binoculars feel in your hand because of its rubber, honeycomb-like design and compact size. 

But enough getting sidetracked… you put these back on and try to get a better picture. Then after a minute or two, you finally get them to work! 

While looking through its fully multi-coated lens, you clearly see that the sounds from before is coming from a rare, magnificently colored blue bird! And you stand there gazing in amazement…


  • 1X 10x25 Binoculars 
  • 1X Carrying Case
  • 1X Lens Cleaning Cloth
  • 1X Lanyard for wearing around your neck
  • Field of view: 324ft/108m
  • Get a crystal-clear picture of anything up to 5-5000 meters (16-16,000 feet) away
  • Special fully multi-coated lens minimizes light loss for a bright HD view 
  • Perfect for camping, hiking, hunting, traveling, and touring 

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