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Ultrasonic Washing Machine, USB Portable Mini Ultrasonic Turbine Washing Machine, Multifunctional Disinfection and Sterilization Equipment for Travel and Children's Laundry
Ultrasonic Washing Machine, USB Portable Mini Ultrasonic Turbine Washing Machine, Multifunctional Disinfection and Sterilization Equipment for Travel and Children's Laundry $29.99

~FREE SHIPPING TO USA - LIMITED OFFER ~ Sterilization Disinfect - With advanced ultrasound technology and small hole design,The unit activates the chlorine in the tap water you usedcan dissolve stain quickly for deep cleansing,and its sterilization capacity was 99.98 percent. Ultrasonic & Turbine Cleaning - Turbine works for 5 minutes, automatic ultrasonic vibration clean for one minute, intelligent interaction.Automatic positive inversion. When the turbine is rotating for 15 seconds, it will automatically reverse for 15 seconds. Lightweight & Portable - Travel washing machines can be placed in pockets or tote bags. Egg size design is easy to carry, ideal for students, travelers and business people. USB Power - For USB power supply, the power is 6W, can carry 1KG laundry weight. Perfect Gift - Mini barrel wall-mounted laundry machine is designed with a small body design, and the carefully-designed color texture will light your home decoration design, avoid bending over, care for your family, and care for your loved ones. Plug not included in the package, work with 2A USB charger. (i.e iPad charger compatible ) Ship to USA 7-14 days.  

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The Mini Car DVR Dash Camera is the ultimate personal security camera for your car. It attaches easily and automatically records both audio and video of everything that happens on your car journey. Great for recording road trips or accidents. Features: 1080p Full HD recording quality 140 degree high-resolution wide angle lens 2.4 inch high resolution LCD Night vision function G-Sensor Motion Detection CMOS Light Sensor Anti-Shake Photo taking / still Supports HDMI Loop recording function Includes: DVR Camera, Car Charger, USB Cable, Mounting Bracket, and User Manual The battery of this product is intended only as a back up source. For best results, please use the dash cam when plugged and charging

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You’re in the woods and hear a sound. You look towards where it’s coming from. And you can tell there’s something or someone there, but they’re too far away to get a clear picture
You squint hard, but no luck.And then you remember
 You’ve packed a pair of these binoculars in your backpack! With a magnification of 10x, you’re certain it’ll show you what’s making that sound. So you take it out and put them to your eyes. You look through the 25mm objective lens, and slightly adjust the middle and right focus. This is your first time using it, so you’re having a bit of trouble. And you can’t help but notice how great these binoculars feel in your hand because of its rubber, honeycomb-like design and compact size. But enough getting sidetracked
 you put these back on and try to get a better picture. Then after a minute or two, you finally get them to work! While looking through its fully multi-coated lens, you clearly see that the sounds from before is coming from a rare, magnificently colored blue bird! And you stand there gazing in amazement
Features: 1X 10x25 Binoculars  1X Carrying Case 1X Lens Cleaning Cloth 1X Lanyard for wearing around your neck Field of view: 324ft/108m Get a crystal-clear picture of anything up to 5-5000 meters (16-16,000 feet) away Special fully multi-coated lens minimizes light loss for a bright HD view  Perfect for camping, hiking, hunting, traveling, and touring  Never miss a beautiful sight again
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